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Horrible customer service.It is impossible to get a response from them.

I received the product two weeks after I ordered it - too late for what I needed it for. I paid extra "rush" delivery of $6.95 and it was sent standard USPS delivery. I sent three inquiries because I thought it was lost. I finally got a response after I received the product.

Now I want to retun it to get my money back and I want my extra rush shipping charge refunded, but you need a "return number" to do that. I requested one on Monday, no response.

I think I also saw that they do refunds by check and deduct $5. I'll be shocked if I ever get my money back.

What a joke of a company!

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Really T Bag Willie i never thought of it that way before but now that i think of it, it Made ME G@y too. What's your phone number ??? :p I want to lick it!


They stole all of my money now i feel so dirty.I am 100% sure that these pills made me ***, all i can think about is sucking a hard *** now wtf.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

do you want to hook up later...?:eek

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