Hull End, England
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ABSOLUTE ***. Took over £90 from my credit card operate under

Suppossed to be a free trail. i gave my cc details expecting to pay for shipping. The bank say if they don't hear from you within a certain time they assume you want to start a trial and charge your account. i had not even receive the goods WHICH DON'T EVEN WORK.

They won't return my emails.

DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH AND A SCAM. I read other since rwad other accounts of people who have thought they were getting a free trail............BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!

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I actually am looking to see if there's any other way to actually get the product. Despite going through *** getting my account credited for all the other companies and products, the Dazzle White gel did a great job on my teeth and was easy to use.

Too bad a good product is lost in a mire of b.s.


Has anyone out there got their address ??? I need to return the so called free trial by reg post so my credit card comp can try and get my 500 euros back for me..I feel embarrassed for being so ***,tearful because their still taking money from my acc..and to top it all off I've just been laid off wrk..How am I gonna get this sorted?? Help !


The same happened to me. I signed up to a free trial and believed the only expense was the postage.

I have now read the terms and conditions.

I will never ever purchase something or sign up for a free trial for something on the internet without checking out the company. If I had checked out the company I would have found a large number of complaints about them.


you guys are full of *** and ihope your mama croaks over and dies from the people youved scammed talk all the *** u want but we know the truth.nobody gets a response from their email inquires and the toll free number is a diversion to give people the run around theres no waythat i should have been on hold for 7 hours yes i did some resaerch and u guys put people on the phone knowing we cant understand their *** up indian or whaterver accents stop kidding yourself someone like me will get u guys put out of business ill find u bastards america is already struggling in this economichardship but now we have to deal with being scammed by a couple of idiots who think they wont get caught belive me u guys will be stopped becuz ihave hired a pi and *** find out all he needs to know about u.prepare yourself for a hugh lawsuit


hey u know what i ordered a free trial of dazzle white pro but i did it the smart way.i put the money on a prepaid card just to cover the shipping amount and to avoid being scamed. guess what, they sent me my free trial but 3 weeks later i look online to see the pending and attempted transactions and the bastards tried to charge my card fees starting fromm 79.68-89.67 under different company names.but obviously i outsmarted them and i still got a free trial haha


Complete scam! and they do as a 'legal scam'!!

I too was sucked in by their unethical means of business....

signed up for both 'trials' and have so far been charged £60 from idolwhite and i am supposed to be getting charged a further £60 from dazzlewhite on oct 26th however I have returned the product recorded delivery and will be making sure i am not charged on the 26th!! Be ware!


yeah right, I did send loads of email to this company and had no reply. There ar emany other people and even a website set up to complain about Dazzle White.

They claim the products have been endorsed by Cnn etc and they have not.

all to make the company sound authentic. Anyway, I have spoken to a number of dentists who say its a *** because the only way you are truly going to get your teeth white is to visit a dentist and have it done properly.

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